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Another school year has come to an end!!!


Today is the last day of school, YES!!!  I don't know about you guys, but I am ready for a break from the pressure of homework, band rehearsals and concerts, testing, getting to bed early, waking up early, fighting over cereal and who gets the last little bit of milk because Mom has once again failed to run to the store for more before running out, therefore sending the kids to school to eat breakfast in the cafeteria.  Don't judge me, i'm a busy working Mom after all!  

What are your plans this summer?  Usually families plan for camps or vacations, road trip or long visits with loved ones.  In addition to the fun that is to be had over summer vacation, many families plan to move.  Whether selling your home to upgrade or downsize, or possibly moving to a new rental, moving can be hard and confusing for kids.  Realtor.com put together a good list of ideas to help make the move perhaps a little easier for the littles.  READ MORE HERE!


Soundtrack for today's blog:

Alice Cooper - School's Out


Grand Prairie is on fire! (but in the good way)


I spend A LOT of my time in Grand Prairie. A LOT.  I sell in GP, my kids attend schools in GP, we camp often at Loyd Park in GP, friends, shopping, dining, etc.  The school district has so many options for education with choice schools in addition to traditional campuses.  As avid campers, we think GP Parks Department has their ducks in a row.  Have you ever camped at Loyd Park, rented a pavilion for a party, enjoyed a sunny day or nighttime movie on the public beach?  If not, you're missing out!  I have said that if we decided to sell our home the only place I would want to relocate to is Grand Prairie.  And, ahem, if you haven't heard, IKEA is opening this summer in GP!  Ok, maybe i'm more excited about IKEA than most people, but there is already so much that this town has to offer and they are continuing to add to that.  Did I mention IKEA? Read more HERE!



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